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Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta Australia Research Project by Griffith University in Queensland. Mostrar todas las entradas

miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

Australia Research Project by Griffith University in Queensland

 The Sydney Morning Herald recently published an article (12/1/13) letting us know that according to a Griffith University study, “children under five who have swimming lessons develop better language, literacy and numeracy skills and are likely to be more prepared for school”. Many of our parents and children were involved in this study and as swimming teachers and coaches we always knew what a ‘good thing’ swimming is for everyone.
The four-year study surveyed almost 7000 parents of children from Australia, New Zealand and the United States.  They independently assessed 177 children aged three, four and five. The children surveyed, unsurprisingly, who had had swimming lessons performed better in tests of physical skills (not ‘ball handling’). The article goes on to say that “these children also scored significantly better in literacy, numeracy, mathematical reasoning, visual motor skills like cutting paper, drawing lines, and coloring in; and oral expression”. Professor Jorgensen feels “quality swimming lessons are rich in opportunities for learning beyond swimming skills…which may help in the transition to school”.The study also showed that when children begin immersing, it does not really matter if they swallow, sputter of cough out during the first few swims, what is important is that they discover from their mistakes how to succeed, in other words, when going inside the water be prepared to hold your breath. The fear to water is taught, and it generally stems from the fear that a parent or caretaker reflects upon the child; it is necessary to dwell on the solution, which is hold breath and spit water out. The early data has also shown that an important consideration in the achievements of children is the type of swim school they attend. Jorgensen says that “the swim environment and swim teachers/lessons need to be of consistently high quality” and warns that the industry is unregulated, with considerable variation among swim schools. We at the Billabong Swim School pride ourselves in giving you ‘quality and caring’ lessons!!

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